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Academic Year (AY) 2023-2024

College of Arts & Media

Faculty Development Grant Proposal


Faculty Development Grants serve faculty at CU Denver College of Arts & Media (CAM). The purpose of the CAM Faculty Development Grant (FDG) is to:

  • Support tenure-track/tenured faculty and clinical teaching track faculty to create and disseminate their creative and scholarly work (which encompasses the scholarship of teaching and learning), and to participate on board level service to national and international arts related professional bodies relative to the requestor’s appointment.
  • Support recently appointed tenure-track and clinical teaching track faculty within their first four years of hire, to attend (vs present at) conferences as a means of growing dissemination activities and networking and/or keeping current in their field.
  • Provide matching grants as appropriate and in line with purposes.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to full-time faculty with scholarly and creative work expectations: tenured, tenure-track, and clinical teaching track.  Faculty may apply for multiple grants within the same academic year, with priority given to first-time applicants in the current AY that have not received funding in the previous AY.


  • Priority consideration will be given to tenure-track faculty.
  • All funds awarded in AY 2023-24 must be expended by June 30, 2024.
  • While faculty may apply for more than one grant per academic year, priority will be given to first-time applicants in the current AY that have not received funding the prior AY. Annual funding will be limited to $2,500 per faculty member barring substantial mitigating circumstances.
  • There is no guarantee that an activity funded in one AY will be funded in subsequent academic years. 


  • If you do not submit an outcome report for grants received, you will be ineligible for the next funding cycle.
  • Faculty must request, in writing to the FDG Review Committee, approval for any changes to the budget or deviations from the scope of work reported in the award.
  • CAM will not support the purchase of individual dues or memberships to professional organizations (unless membership dues offset registration costs).
  • CAM funds cannot be used for the purpose of course buy-outs. Course buy-outs will be considered upon receipt of funded awards per CAM's Course Buyout Policy (CAM #19.0001).

All funds must be fully expended by current fiscal year-end deadlines, or in exceptional circumstances, a carry forward request must be submitted. Any unused grant monies will be forfeited at the end of the fiscal year (June 30).

Financial policy or procurement questions? 

CONTACT: Anthony Wilson, Finance & Operations Manager

anthony.r2.wilson@ucdenver.edu, 303.315.7467

Non-financial policy questions?

CONTACT: Nate Thomson, Interim Dean


Evaluation Criteria

  • Applicant's direct need for funding, any previous or other awards received. 
  • Detailed description of the activity clearly and specifically identifies how the activity fulfills the purpose of the grant (to create/disseminate work, to network/keep current in field, board level-service).
  • The activity supports the applicant's scholarly/creative agenda and is aligned with Campus/College/Department goals and values.

Faculty Information

Faculty Title Series & Rank*
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Grant Request Information

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Activity Description

If traveling, please list the dates of travel and class coverage details.
Does this activity also provide a unique opportunity for Marketing CAM or for a CAM Event?
Does this activity also provide a unique Recruitment opportunity?

Value and Goal Alignment

The campus Strategic Plan is to Make Education Work for All by achieving these five bold goals:

  • Becoming the First Equity Serving Institution in the Nation.
  • Being Known as a University for Life.
  • Being Internationally Known for Research & Creative Work.
  • Serving as an Anchor Institution for an Open Innovation District in Downtown Denver.
  • Being Known as a People-Centered Best Place to Work.

Activity Details & Outcomes

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If requesting conference support, have you attended this event/conference previously?*
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Expense Breakdown

BUDGET: Present a budget that aligns with the activities of your activity, please be certain this budget encompasses all aspects of the activities related to a particular grant.

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Acknowledgement Agreement

I understand that I am required to disclose monetary gains resulting from grant supported materials and/or activities. 

I understand that I will not receive matching funds from CAM if I do not receive the grant requiring a match.

I understand that unused funds are not transferable to other activities and will be returned to the general grant fund. Funds can only be used for pre-approved items.

I understand that I must submit an outcome report either within 60 days of completion of the activity, or within 60 days of the end of the fiscal year.

I understand that funds must be used in the fiscal year in which they are awarded (by June 30th). To carry forward funds to a different fiscal year, the activity must span fiscal years and I must submit a Carryforward Request and receive permission from the Assistant Dean of Business & Operations.

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