Academic Year (AY) 2019-2020

College of Arts & Media

ORS/YUMPS Match Application


  • One Application: If you are applying for ORS or YUMPS funds, that application will serve as your CAM FDG application. You don’t need to complete two applications. You’ll be prompted to upload your ORS/YUMPS application in the CAM Formstack online application.
  • Submit your application to CAM first: ORS/YUMPS will not fund your request until CAM approves it. CAM must receive your ORS/YUMPS submission, and approve it in advance of you submitting it to ORS.
  • We encourage you to inform the CAM Associate Dean for Research, Collaboration, and Innovation that you are submitting an ORS grant in advance of the submission.


Funds may be applied to a variety of activities, to include, but are not limited to equipment, national conference travel, scholarly research, and creative activity. If this is a direct requirement of your position or for student use, please contact your department for internal funding. 


Faculty grants programs serve full-time faculty at CU Denver College of Arts & Media (CAM). The purpose of the CAM Faculty Development Grant (FDG) Program is to:

  1. Support tenure-track/tenured faculty and clinical teaching track faculty in their research, creative and scholarly work, professional development and teaching activities.
  2. Support full-time instructors in their teaching and learning, and professional development.
  3. Increase CAM visibility regionally, nationally and internationally.
  4. Support and prepare faculty to receive competitive national grants by providing seed funding for larger projects, grant-seeking support, and opportunities for peer review.


  • If you did not submit an outcome report for FY2018-19 grants/awards, you are not eligible to receive funds in 2019-20.
  • These grants should not be used as an alternative to department funding. If this is a direct requirement of your position or for student use, please contact your department for departmental funding.
  • Per CAM policy, internally awarded funds (including all CAM, ORS, YUMPS, and CFD funds) cannot be used for the purpose of course buy-outs. 
  • Faculty must request in writing approval for any changes to the budget or deviations from the scope of work supported by the award.
  • All equipment purchases are property of CAM and must be cataloged with CAM and kept in an accessible location on campus.
  • CAM will not support the purchase of individual dues or memberships to professional organizations. You must pay for professional individual memberships out-of-pocket.
  • There is no guarantee that a conference or project that was funded in a previous year will be funded in the current AY. All applications will be reviewed against current criteria.

All funds must be fully expended by current fiscal year end deadlines, or in exceptional circumstances, a carry forward request must be submitted. Any unused grant monies will be forfeited at the end of the fiscal year (June 30).


CONTACT: Laurie Baefsky, Associate Dean for Research, Collaboration, and Innovation |  Office (303) 315-7472

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For more information on ORS grants, please see the ORS Home Page.

For more information on YUMPS grants, please see the YUMPS Information page.

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I understand that I am required to disclose monetary gains resulting from grant supported materials and/or activities. 

I understand that I will not receive matching funds from CAM if I do not receive the grant requiring a match.

I understand that unused funds are not transferable to other projects and will be returned to the general grant fund. Funds can only be used for pre-approved items.

I understand that I must submit an outcome report either within 60 days of completion or by the end of the fiscal year, with preference to the earlier of the two.

I understand that funds must be used in the fiscal year in which they are awarded (by June 30th). In order to carry forward funds to a different fiscal year, I must submit a spending plan and receive permission from the Assistant Dean of Finance.

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