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Assessment Library Checkout Agreement

To Students Enrolled in Measurement and/or Assessment Courses:

In accordance with the Assessment and Student Resource Library (AL) policy, students need to be aware that they are responsible for all materials checked out of the AL under their name.  Polices relevant to students include the following:

  1. The check-out period is three weeks, unless other arrangements are made with knowledge and permission of the assessment librarian and coordinator.  There are many measurement and assessment students every semester and this policy must be honored in order for everyone to have the materials when they need them. 
    • If you do not return an item when it is due, you must check in with the Assessment Library Coordinator, Dr. Crepeau-Hobson, to get permission to check out other/additional materials.  The third time an item is returned late, you will lose check-out privileges for two weeks.
    • If your item is late and is not returned by the end of a semester, 1) your program director will be contacted and notified 2) if the assessment is not returned you may be responsible for the cost of replacing the materials. 
  2. You are responsible for checking the contents of the test kits when you check them out and back in.  If a test kit is incomplete, it needs to be brought to the attention of the assessment librarian
    • If materials are missing from the test kit when they are returned, the student whom the test kit is checked out will be held responsible for replacing what is missing.  (Understand that in many cases if something is missing out of a test kit the only way to complete the kit is to buy an entire new test kit.) If materials are needed and not replaced, the student whom the test kit is checked out will have his registration for the following semester held until the matter is resolved.
  3. If you are unable to return assessment materials during regular AL hours, you may return them to the Academic Services Office (LSC 700).  Be sure to let the assessment librarian know that you have left materials with Academic Service Personnel by email at
  4. If materials are shared among or between students after being checked out, you are responsible for documenting the transfer.   In other words, write down on a piece of paper the following information: the materials being transferred, the date of the transfer, printed names of the students involved in the transaction, and the signatures of both parties.  Turn this document into either the instructor or assessment librarian at the next class meeting.  This is the only way a student whom a test kit is originally checked out will be absolved from responsibility for missing tests or test components.  Under no circumstances should materials that have not been checked out be taken from the AL. 
  5. Students are permitted to check out two assessment kits at one time.  If more than two assessment kits are needed at one time, arrangements can be made with the Assessment Library Coordinator Dr. Crepeau-Hobson to get permission to check out other/additional materials.
    • School Psychology students may only check out two cognitive assessment kits at one time. 

Signing at the bottom of this form indicates that you understand this agreement and will abide by the AL policies.


I understand these policies and will abide by them as part of my participation in relevant SEHD assessment courses.

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